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Home Repairs Plus is the professional solution for repair, remodeling, or maintenance of your home or business.

We specialize in taking care of the big & small things you need done but don´t have the time, knowledge or desire to do!

Our Guarantee is to offer our residential & business customers the best, in quality of work & service. We will get the job done right the first time.



See What Are Customers Have  To Say....  
               We Use Earth Friendly Materials!
"I'm impressed! I don't think I have ever seen a more professional operation than Home Repairs Plus. From start to finish, from initial estimator to your involvement and especially the installation crew, everyone knew and did their job with the utmost efficiency."    
                                                       -Kevin T., West Bloomfield, MI
"You clearly had a commanding knowledge of exactly what the Dearborn code inspectors would look for. You advised us of the things that absolutely had to be fixed, and advised us of things that may or may not be cited, giving us the option of fixing them before the inspection or waiting until the inspection to see if they were necessary or not."
                                            -Barbara & Richard R., Dearborn, MI
"The extent to which attention was given to details in each area and providing the maximum of storage space in the closet under the stairs and landing accomplished a very outstanding and useful effect. Needless to say, we are immensely pleased with the outcome of our addition and Home Repairs Plus which made it happen.
                                                                 -Joyce E., San Diego, CA
"If there is anyone seeking references for your services, I would gladly speak highly of your help anytime. Thank you for all your help. As I have friends and relatives in the old neighborhood, I will not hesitate in spreading the word about your talents. Please enjoy a great continued business success and keep up the good work."
                                                                    -Rich P., Libertyville, IL
"Your bid was very reasonable in comparison to others we received. You were selected to do the job because of the professionalism you exhibited when you came by to discuss the job, see the site, and pick-up the plans. This was further exemplified by the construction contract you presented which offered protection for us."
                                    -Mark & Helen T., Huntington Beach, CA
“We have received several favorable comments, from neighbors who have watched the construction, on the craftsmanship, efficiency and rapidity with which the project was completed. I am confident you will hear from them if they have any remodeling to do. It is delightful when a business can also become a congenial and pleasant personal. Be assured that you will hear from us again if we have any further construction to do.”
                                          -Danny & Christy K., Birmingham, MI


What is a Green Home?

A green home is designed and built to provide the cleanest most comfortable air quality, furnish the most efficient delivery of energy to lower utility costs, and use the most durable maintenance free materials. Green homes are also friends of the community and easy on the environment. Whether you are building new, adding on, or remodeling, green homes perform at a high level by:

Protecting and using the site to advantage
Reducing waste
Using low-impact materials
Saving energy
Minimizing impact on human health

why build and remodel green ?

Building or remodeling green protects the health of your family, provides a comfortable indoor environment, saves you money, and contributes to saving our environment!

for your health

If you have allergies or asthma, using green-building materials will insure the cleanest possible air quality. These materials do not “off-gas” volatile organic compounds responsible for lung disease, because they are made from natural products.

to increase your comfort

Building green helps make your home more uniformly cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Building a new home or addition with a southern orientation and properly placed landscaping captures passive solar warmth and protects against cold winter winds. Green homes have less warm air leakage, because they are sealed and properly insulated for greater comfort year round.

to save money

If you are experiencing high heating and cooling bills, building green will provide economic relief. By designing your home or addition to use the most efficient energy saving products you can cut your utility costs significantly. Some products that help with utility bills are inexpensive and easy to use like a programmable thermostat or energy star appliances while others may take you off the grid entirely, like a new geothermal or photovoltaic system.

to protect the environment

Green buildings reduce, reuse and recycle materials, keeping materials out of our landfills. They use non-toxic natural materials, and help clean the air. Green homes are energy efficient and often don’t depend on fossil fuels that contribute to global warming.